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How does the script work with Google Adsense or any other advertising company?

The script works in three pages:
The homepage contains the text of the most expensive keywords to raise the price of the click, and after three seconds, automatically sends the visitor to the most
important page, which contains a video. it’s not a video just A modified image in Photoshop .
When a visitor clicks on a video, he clicks on adsense ads, and the ads get opened on the same page, the ads do not open on the Iframes window.
After clicking the ad, the IP of the visitor is automatically blocked to avoid double and illegal clicks.
The visitor will then automatically be sent to your Viral site.

Do I have a warranty?

Silver : Warranty 2 Months
Gold : Warranty 6 Months
Platinum : Warranty 1 Year

Is the method already tried?

Yes,we already tried and tested the method .

Is there a risk at the Adsense account ?

There is no risk at all with our guarantee

Payment methods available?

PayPal _ Payoneer _ Western Union | MoneyGram _ Transfer Bank


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